Q. Who is PharmaPLEX?
  • PharmaPLEX is an online payment gateway for a group of member pharmacies located in Zimbabwe. We are an independant business that uses the security of the well known third party payment gateway, PayPal, to process payments online for prescriptions and over the counter (OTC) medications ordered from any of our member pharmacies in Zimbabwe. PharmaPLEX provides a quick and easy way for Zimbabweans abroad to assist their relatives and friends in paying for medication without having to send actual cash back home via expensive money transfers.

Q. How does the service work?

     There are two ways an order can be initiated: By the RECIPIENT or by the PAYER.

     Gift Order (GO): 
  • This is an order initiated by the payer.
    - The payer looks up the desired pick up location from the list of our member pharmacies,
    - Completes a an OTC request form on this website which will be forwarded as a fax request to the intended pharmacy by PharmaPLEX
    - The pharmacy receives this request and
    confirms availability and price of the requested medication by faxing back via PharmaPLEX
    - The payer receives this confirmation as an email attachment from PharmPLEX with a
    confirmation ID
    - The payer then processes their payment using the confirmation ID and in 24hours the recipient can collect the order from the indicated location
     Patient Requested Order (PRO):
  • This is an order initiated by the recipient
    - When the recipient receives the prescription from their doctor or they request any OTC medications, they present the order at any of the listed member pharmacies in Zimbabwe where they will be provided with a form to complete.
    - This form will ask for the recipients information as well as the payer information (the person who will be paying for the prescription):

      name, contact number, email, city and country
    . This information is required to successfully forward the submitted order.
    - The pharmacist stamps and certifies the completed form, keeps a copy and gives the recipient a dupicate while a copy is faxed by the pharmacy to a designated PharmaPLEX number which receives the fax as an email with a PDF attachment.
    - PharmaPLEX then forwards this email to the listed payer for payment processing using the email provided on the completed form
    and in 24hours the recipient can collect the order from the indicated location.
         >>> click here to view the detailed order flow

Q. What if I place a Gift Order (GO) and the medication I request is not available at that location?
  • PharmaPLEX has local agents which the pharmacy will contact to initiate a search for the nearest location that has the requested medication. If your selected locaion does not have your request in stock, you will be notified which location does and this will be reflected on the faxed back confirmation which will be forwarded by email to you. You can then make a decision as to whether this alternate location works for your recipient.

Q. How does the pharmacy receive the payment?
  • PharmaPLEX has contracts with member pharmacies for the collection of funds and forwards the payments collected to the respective member pharmacy accounts, less the transaction fees, per this contract.

Q. How will I receive the prescription information?
  • You will receive an email from order@pharmaplex.com. PharmaPLEX uses the email provided by the recipient on the form completed in the pharmacy, and forwards this faxed form in PDF format to the payer. This form will show the recipient information, order information and ID certified by the pharmacy (stamped). It is important the patient provides ACCURATE phone and email information for the payer as this is how we will contact the payer.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about the information in the email attachment I receive?
  • If your PDF attachement is unclear you can contact PharmaPLEX, your local recipient, or the local pharmacy itself to verify the order. All  both parties retain a copy of the completed form. If you chose to contact PharmaPLEX, we have a Toll Free number for North American payers and a International number for all other customers.

Q. How do I know my financial information is secure when I pay?
  • We use the world renowned PayPal payment system as our thrid party payment gateway. This way, we DO NOT have access to any of your financial information for your security. PharmaPLEX has a merchant account with PayPal which allows customers to safely make payments via this third party without providing sensitive financial information to PharmaPLEX directly or the Pharmacies in Zimbabwe. You can access our Paypal Merchant account by clicking on our navigation link above or go directly to www.paypal.com and searching for PharmaPLEX.

Q. How do I know the payment has been received by the local pharmacy?
  • Once a payment has been processed via Paypal, the proprietary PharmaPLEX system forwards the invoice confirmation to the local pharmacy. The local pharmacy will fax back a pickup authorization as confirmation which will be forwarded to you by email via PharmaPLEX. The local pharmacies have the ability to see the funds forwarded to their account immediately upon payment as well for their security.
  • With this authorization a PharmaPLEX local agent will contact the recipient by phone to confirm the payment and authorize pickup.

Q. Will I get confirmation when my relative picks up the prescription?
  • Once your recipient has been contacted by our local agent to confirm payment and authorized pick up, our agent will send a confirmation email back to you the payer confirming this exchange. Our local agent MUST speak with the recipient directly to confirm the transaction. For security reasons, we do not leave messages with third parties. If we fail to reach your recipient, a PharmaPLEX agent will contact you the payer for your recipient's alternative contact information.
  • You may also confirm pickup directly with your recipient after a few days once you have notified them to pick up their order.

Q. What is the charge for this online payment service?
  • Unlike the more expensive money transfer options that charge based on a sliding scale of the amount sent and location sent to, we charge a fixed fee of $9.99 for our service which will be added to the total price quoted by the pharmacy for the order.

Q. Can I pay for other over the counter medications for relatives back home which don't need a prescription?
  • Yes. The recipient simply goes to a local member pharmacy and completes the same form listing the desired non-prescription medication and quantity which is once again certified by the pharmacist and submitted to PharmaPLEX. The transaction is then processed in the exact same way.

Q. I have more questions about your service. How do I reach you?
  • You can reach PharmaPLEX by using our contact form on our contact page. We have a 24 hour turn around for responses depending on the nature of the question and time difference with our local agents if we need to contact Zimbabwe.

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